"We Don't Just Build Robots We Build People".

2021 Chairmans WInner
2021 Chairmans WInner

3381 FRC robot 2021 (2)
3381 FRC robot 2021 (2)

joey and lizzy driving FRC
joey and lizzy driving FRC

2021 Chairmans WInner
2021 Chairmans WInner


2020-2021 Captains

Lead: Joey

Business: Maddie

Mechanical: Trinity 

Co Mechanical: Gaden

Electrical: Brock

CAD: Noah

Programming: Aidan


Connect Award Winners (FTC)

Here is what the judges had to say...
This team puts emphasis on connecting with there sponsors with new technology and know how. They honed and machined their skills with the aid of experts. The lessons learned help their team become a well oiled machine. Which one may call a droid. 

2021 Chairman's award winners

Here's what the judges had to say..

This is ONE team that didn't ask for the judges respect they earned it. There success and outreach with STEM in their community as well as making FIRST available to all schools is a model that other organization and communities can follow. There work helping to create the Lakeshore FIRST Robotics Program not only helps them it helps to support all the surrounding tams at the same time. There willingness to create a method in which revenue is shared with all neighboring teams is commendable. And make sure everyone has access to the same resources. This ONE team says it best with the last sentence of there essay. 

"We don't just build robots we build people."

Please Note: Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic- Anyone who wants to participate at any Lakeshore Event or go to the LREC will need to sign a waiver, if you are under 18 your parent/legal guardian must sign for you. Thank you!